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Businessman, Landscape and Wildlife Photographer

Graham from one of *‘the key families involved in the evolution of settlement ..Dowdell,  Greenham..’  in Blewitt Springs, South Australia, has a business family farming background amongst vineyards, cattle and earthmoving.  He left his property inherited from George Dowdell, his grandfather and, with his wife, Bev, they moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland in their 30’s returning home mid-2019.  Living in iconic Australian environments has been an advantage from the moment he picked up a camera.

Working outdoors in wildlife environments on a day-to-day basis, enjoying snorkelling, our beaches and the peace found in the early morning sunrise and late afternoon sunsets, the beauty in trees and flowers and watching wildlife living their daily lives has inspired him.  Graham’s ‘a moment in time’ photos give you an inside view of how he sees life through his ‘lens’ capturing the beauty and magic around us every day which makes life worth living.

Collaborating as a team, Bev does the printing, selecting the photo paper and print profile, framing, photo narrative and website design.  The images are not digitally changed or light altered and are authentic and true to nature.  The copyright signature is the only addition with the colour selected to blend into the background.  We use high-quality photo papers and vivid, long-lasting Lucia inks.

We trust you connect and are inspired by these photos to enjoy our uniquely wonderful world.


Graham Dowdell and Bev D

* Extract from Onkaparinga Libraries Local History, Blewitt Springs History.